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 ''HaLeighbug” in question

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: ''HaLeighbug” in question   Wed Jul 22, 2009 6:46 am

“HaLeighbug” in question

Butera said shortly after putting haleighbug.com online people began to post messages that were so bad they had to terminate that feature of the site. He said many of the messages written were claims that Sheffield was taking drugs.

The drug-use claims re-surfaced in earnest later when Picazio had a permanent falling out with her one time friend and colleague, Private Investigator William ‘COBRA’ Staubs, Case Closed, Ft. Lauderdale. According to Staubs, he confronted Picazio and told her she needed to encourage her client to get help for her problem. He said Picazio became very angry because that could prevent her client from getting custody of her son.

Haleighbug.com continued to receive negative attention as some believed it had become an international storefront used to promote, market, and sell the “Missing - HaLeigh Cummings” brand for profit. The website’s domain is registered to a man named Jeremiah Regan, who appeared seemingly out of nowhere when HaLeigh Cummings went missing – to create the center and champion the cause of finding HaLeigh.

“There has not been one search coordinated out of the HaLeigh Bug center,” said Ruby Kanger, mother-in-law of Sheffield’s father, Johnny. “They were supposed to coordinate searches out of there.”

No known searches were ever coordinated out of the HaLeigh Bug center, Satsuma, (now located in Baker County, Florida on a farm) and there is no known record of how much money was received before non-profit status was requested, where the money really went, or how it was spent.

Mike Picazio, husband of Kim Picazio, said when he met Regan the 26 year-old wore a shirt buttoned all the way up to the collar and told Mike Picazio he worked for “God.” He said he saw Regan later with a Mohawk and he looked like a “mercenary.” The man who “worked for God” also filled in the blanks of his bebo.com profile with some interesting information. Under favorite books/magazines Regan said, “The bible is always good for shits and giggles when I need a good laugh.”

Kim Picazio said Regan is a “good buddy” of hers.

The “HaLeigh Bug Foundation” filed for non-profit status with the Florida Department of Corporations on May 13, 2009 after a complaint was filed by Thomas. She filed a complaint to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services because the foundation was soliciting funds to help Sheffield have spending money.

At one point Regan told the media that HaLeigh Bug may serve as Crystal Sheffield’s “career path” which was alarming to many.

The Foundation became active (retro) on May 8, 2009 and is supposed to use funds gathered to "aid the search for missing child HaLeigh Cummings and/or the families of other missing or abducted children.” The language used does not appear to rule out the money being used for Sheffield’s family.

The law office of Kim Picazio is listed as the registered agent of the Foundation on the Articles of Incorporation.

Staubs said he has launched an intense investigation into friends and associates of anyone involved in matters regarding any facet of the HaLeigh Cummings case, including the attorney for Crystal Sheffield. He said he is concerned about manufactured evidence such as the faked photo and wonders what other evidence may exist that has been tainted or created in the HaLeigh Cummings case.

Staubs would not discuss the details of his investigation but did confirm he knew of a relationship between Picazio and Wagoner. “Their children share birthday parties,” he said. “They are long time friends.”

As information for this story was being gathered by WIA its owner/publisher (Timothy Charles Holmseth) received a telephone call from the East Grand Forks Police Department in Minnesota. The detective said he had received two separate attempts to file formal complaints against this reporter. According to the detective the calls were made by Picazio and Wagoner, respectively. Both were advised by said detective they had no basis for a complaint.

Kim Picazio, by her own admission (to WIA,) also made a flurry of phone calls to law enforcement and a state’s attorney in Putnam County, Florida right around the time of the sudden arrest of Staubs for a felony. Prior to the arrest of Staubs, Kim Picazio called Staubs’ girlfriend, Paula Andrews, and left ominous messages that bad things may happen to Staubs’ career. She also left a message on Andrews’ answering machine instructing Andrews to tell Staubs that he needed to tell that “reporter” to “fuck off.”

WIA is presently gathering and assimilating information for an investigative piece into the apparent practice and pattern of Kim Picazio having an unusual amount of contact with law enforcement agencies in regards to anyone who speaks out against her practices.

Attempts to reach Sheffield have been unsuccessful. Picazio and Regan have no comment.
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''HaLeighbug” in question
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