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 The HaLeigh Bug Scam

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: The HaLeigh Bug Scam   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:10 am

The HaLeigh Bug Scam
The domain that hosts haleighbug.com and solicits money from the public was created on March 13, 2009 and is registered to Jeremiah Regan. The media reported the HaLeigh Bug center in Satsuma, FL, as “open for business” on March 23. The HaLeigh Bug foundation did not apply for non-profit status until May 13.
For two steady months the “HaLeigh Bug” accepted money from citizens, churches, and others and kept no record that has been made public – despite requests for full disclosure.
The HaLeigh Bug foundation did not adhere to legal principles and apply for legal non-profit status until a formal complaint was filed to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services by Rebecca Thomas, child advocate, West Palm Beach, FL, who recognized the un-lawful nature of soliciting and receiving funds for the mother of a missing child so she could have spending money.
It is unknown exactly how many thousands of dollars were collected ‘under the radar’ before May 13, including cash money accepted under tents near the crime scene. Those involved in the HaLeigh Bugs administration will not disclose any information. Regan, who was long listed as the HaLeigh Bug administrator, advised Write Into Action that any attempt to contact him will be considered an act of “harassment.”
The articles of incorporation for the Haleigh Bug foundation define the specific purpose of the corporation’s organization: “To aid the search for missing child HaLeigh Cummings and/or the families of other missing or abducted children.” The president of the foundation is Marie Griffis, the child’s biological grandmother. The vice president is Crystal Sheffield. The registering agent is Kim Picazio and the address given is that of Picazio’s law firm.
The Online Scam
On June 9, 2009 Write Into Action (WIA) first reported that a photographic picture scrolling on haleighbug.com appeared to show Sheffield in a fake photo made to look like she was holding the missing child. On June 21, WIA reported a photo specialist deemed it fake. On June 25, WIA reported that Elvin Thomas, Florida, and 18 year veteran specialist and instructor in Photoshop, also deemed the haleighbug.com photo a fake.
Thomas said the photo is not the original and there is no doubt the photo has been doctored extensively to create the appearance that Crystal Sheffield is holding her children. Essentially, Sheffield’s head was placed on another person and the children were also doctored. Thomas said the color of the shirts on mother and daughter (HaLeigh and Sheffield) were deliberately altered to be the same color; pink.
In addition to the fake photo discovered on haleighbug.com another doctored photo also exists wherein someone attempted to use Photoshop to place Sheffield’s head on a person who was holding her children.
Timothy Charles Holmseth, owner, Write Into Action, recently contacted the FBI in Grand Forks, ND, in regards to what appears to be a federal crime using the internet.
More Money
On June 21, 2009 Art Harris, who sometimes appears on CNN, claimed that he talked to a woman named “Barbara” from Texas who completely satisfied Sheffield’s $12,000 child support debt. It cannot be reported by WIA that Harris ‘reported’ his information, because he did not use the person’s last name and therefore verification of the story cannot be secured.
The un-identified person paying Sheffield’s child support, according to Harris, gave the money to Picazio who then made Sheffield’s child support payments.
On his website, arthariss.com, Harris refers to the person paying the child support as an “investor.” What exactly the un-identified person is “investing” in is not known.
The first child support payment (investment) to Picazio from the investor was $2,000. The second payment was $2,100. The third and final payment was $8, 317.94. Why the payments came in such an erratic pattern from an individual who supposedly had enough extra cash lying around to pay a stranger’s child support is not known.
Harris pointed out that the un-identified investor also said she regularly visits his website for all of her HaLeigh updates, as well as watches Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell on HLN. Whether or not Mitchell and/or Grace endorse or approve of this public connection to the un-identified investor by Harris is not known.
The un-identified investor was graciously provided a forum by Harris to make un-flattering commentary against Misty Croslin-Cummings and Ronald Cummings. The un-identified investor provided legal terms when offering opinions and comments about the missing child’s environment in her custodial home. Phrases such as “un-safe situation” and “un-safe environment” were used by the mystery “Angel” donor. Harris’ anonymous source was also provided forum to venture out guesses as to the condition of Misty Croslin-Cummings on the night of the disappearance.
Harris also religiously reminded his readers that the riveting “wild weekend of partying” story about Misty Croslin-Cummings was reported by him first.
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The HaLeigh Bug Scam
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