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 Putnam County Sheriff’s Department

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Putnam County Sheriff’s Department   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:13 am

On June 15, 2009 WIA reported that Picazio had stated the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) did not search her client’s property because her client was not a suspect. “A month after me getting in the case I had to give [the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department] the address of [Crystal Sheffield’s] house [because] they hadn’t been there yet,” Picazio said.
Picazio boasted the same claim on national TV during the May 8 airing on the Jane Valez Mitchell show. “And I can say that with regard to my client, who is a parent (of the missing child), the cops haven’t even gone out to investigate her house. They haven’t even done a thorough investigation. So, I don’t think that they are looking at her side of the family as the bad guy,” she said.

Picazio has claimed in the past to have special ties to law enforcement that afford her and her client preferential treatment. Picazio has told the media repeatedly she is an integral part of the (PCSD) investigative team. “What’s great is I get to get those leads on the missing child’s case so I get to assist law enforcement,” she said, adding that PCSD Detective Peggy Cone would vouch for her. “There's so much fantastic and interesting news about the search for HaLeigh, witnesses, dangerous meetings with POI's (persons of interests),” she said.
According to Picazio she has caught clues law enforcement missed. “They’ve done an amazing sophisticated forensic job,” she said. “Every time I call them and say ‘hey, I was just thinking of this – did you do that’ – they were all over it. Rarely have I mentioned a person or item of evidence that they had not done thoroughly – even by the FBI,” she said.
Lt. Johnny Greenwood, PCSD, has stated that his department has never shared information with Picazio that everyone else hasn’t had access to.
Picazio’s statements to the media directly dispute Greenwood’s position.
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Putnam County Sheriff’s Department
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