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 Putnam, Baker, Duval, and Osceola pick up Tab

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Putnam, Baker, Duval, and Osceola pick up Tab   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:15 am

Putnam, Baker, Duval, and Osceola pick up the Sheffield tab
The total cost incurred by tax payers for the Sheffield’s requested search to remove doubt about their involvement in HaLeigh Cummings’ disappearance is not yet known. The efforts consisted of bulldozers and backhoes, cadaver dogs, divers, forensic archeologists, and 40 some investigative agents from four counties.
With evidence of a doctored photo scrolling across the screen of a website, 24 hours a day, used to tug at the heartstrings of Christians and generous Americans, in hopes that they will donate money to a family, in the name of a missing child, who mysteriously disappeared just days before the mother was required to appear in court to be held accountable for being $12,000 behind on her child support obligation, and now knowing the obligation was paid by an anonymous donor, in the name of that missing child, somebody in Florida law enforcement made the executive decision to spend tax payer money to conduct a search using resources from four counties, because the family of the child’s mother, that has been receiving donations for the purpose of searching for the child, and claim they requested the search be conducted to clear their name, said they wanted the tax payers to pay for it instead.
If the PCSD and/or state’s attorneys office has somehow compromised, and then completely lost their ability, to exercise free will in the investigation into the disappearance and whereabouts of HaLeigh Cummings is not known; yet.
Lt. Johnny Greenwood of the PCSD was contacted with no reply at the time of this publication.
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Putnam, Baker, Duval, and Osceola pick up Tab
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