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 Sheffield’s $12,000 child support

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Sheffield’s $12,000 child support   Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:18 am

The Haleigh Bug center/foundation collected money for approximately two months under the radar until a formal complaint was filed to the state. No member of HaLeigh Bug will open the books for the public to view.

HaLeigh Bug Center

Administrator: Jeremiah Regan

Domain Owner (haleighbug.com): Jeremiah Regan

The HaLeigh Bug Foundation

President: Marie Griffis

Vice President: Crystal Sheffield

Registering Agent: Kim Picazio

It is not yet clear if Harris is a legal agent of Picazio for her media affairs. His actions and behaviors, however, have caused suspicion that Harris is publishing fake material to advance the wishes and desires of Picazio and to enrich himself financially.

Harris recently published a story that quoted an un-identified woman in matters involving a very large sum of money. In the story, a woman alleged to be named “Barbara” spoke with Harris and told him she paid Sheffield’s $12,000 child support arrears. The money was allegedly sent from “Barbara” in "Texas" to Kim Picazio, who then gave it to the state to satisfy Sheffield’s giant child support debt.

When Harris does not use a last name or show documentation to prove things he says, he often simply vouches for things, using his name as evidence that it legitimate and true.

The un-identified woman was quoted and given forum by Harris to make disparaging comments about Ronald Cummings and his wife Misty, who is Picazio’s legal adversary in a custody battle Sheffield is attempting to create.

Write Into Action has been and continues to investigate Harris, Picazio, and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and State’s Attorneys office.

Write Into Action will be contacting high profile media figures who protect the rights of missing and exploited children.
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Sheffield’s $12,000 child support
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