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 Law Office of Kim L. Picazio, PA

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Law Office of Kim L. Picazio, PA   Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:01 am

Hey Donna,
She is trying to stay in Baker County for some doctors ordered ROR after her last seizure. Emotionally, this tragedy has taken a tremendous toll on her nerves. She is so anxious to get back to Satsuma to what she refers to as “Haleigh’s House” (the Haleigh Bug Center), but we are all encouraging her to ease back into it. I think she believes that Haleigh may just walk through that door one day! It’s an optimistic dream, and hope from the bottom of my heart that Haleigh can one day spend time playing in that little building Crystal has decorated for her.

Crystal is not able to apply for jobs at this point, because the doctor wants her to be as “stress free” as possible until her next EEG rules out every possible thing. They have done test after test, but so far, doctors have found nothing physically wrong to cause the seizures. They are saying they believe it is due to her extreme emotional trauma and stress. Consequently, she is seeking solace from home, being a mom to Chloe,
and to little Junior on weekends. She is mailing out Amber Alert flyers during the kids’ nap time, and trying to help set up the new non profit corp for Haleigh and other missing children. It’s impossible, of course, to keep a mother of a missing child from being up night and day, thinking of what else she could possibly do to find her little girl.

Again, your gift of funds will make her life a little easier to cope with – regardless of the amount – Crystal cries sometimes, just knowing that there are folks out there to support her, a complete stranger to them. I told her that there is still a lot of good people left in the world. She wants so much to be strong enough to be more worthwhile to the Center, and eventually to helping with the Foundation. But right now, she needs to rest, cope, and wait for Haleigh’s safe return. Thank you so much, Donna, for being a friend and symbol of support to Crystal. I am sending her this email so she’ll understand your true empathy and compassion for her and her family. Your gift will brighten her spirit, and maybe give her one less problem in day to day life to have to deal with. I’ll let you know when I’m coming back to town. I believe in about a week. I’d love to do lunch! Keep in touch, and thank you for your kind, generous spirit. Speak with you soon I hope!

Oh! You can send the gift to Crystal’s home address: Thank You so Much!

Kim L. Picazio, Esquire

Law Office of Kim L. Picazio, PA
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Law Office of Kim L. Picazio, PA
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