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 Timothy Charles Holmseth

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Timothy Charles Holmseth   Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:04 am

In May, 2009 Timothy Charles Holmseth conducted several consensual (provable) cordial interviews with Kim Picazio, attorney for Crystal Sheffield.

Regretting the interviews, Picazio has made horrendously false accusations in writing against Holmseth.

Picazio has said Holmseth violated laws involving wire taps which as a statement is unprofessional, clownish, and sick.

Holmseth is a seasoned (first place) award-winning reporter in Minnesota and North Dakota and follows all state and federal laws at all times.

Attempting to keep the truth away from you, the followers of the Haleigh Cummings case, Picazio suggested she is the victim of extortion (completely made up) and is threatening legal action against Holmseth in what appears to be an attempt to keep him quiet with his interview information.

On June 1, 2009 at 9:57 a.m. Timothy Holmseth filed an official detailed complaint against Florida Attorney Kim Picazio to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Florida.

The complaint confronts and exposes very serious issues that have been kept from the public - secrets so disturbing an investigative reporter from Northern Minnesota who asked a few questions is now under vicious attack.

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Re: Timothy Charles Holmseth   Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:05 am

Haleigh Bug
Think before you donate

by Timothy Charles Holmseth

On April 24, 2009, R. Thomas, FL, received a reply from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The response was to the complaint she had filed regarding the Haleigh Bug Foundation, which was soliciting donations to assist Crystal Sheffield in taking care of her child.

Thomas also filed a complaint to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Florida.

The Department of Agriculture notified her that an investigation was being conducted.

Thomas, a media professional and child advocate described what was occurring as “extremely disturbing.” She said this is the second time a family in the state of Florida has attempted to make a living off the name of their missing child (the other being the Anthony family in Orlando.) “Are they going to pay back-taxes on all that money,” she said, referring to the money that came in that was not recorded in books.

It appears the investigation Thomas triggered had an effect.

The Haleigh Bug Center in Satsuma, FL has been re-located to Baker County - it also received non profit status on May 8, 2009 (applied for on May 13.)

The language contained in the Articles of Corporation for the Haleigh Bug Foundation say the purpose of the organization is “To aid in the search for missing child Haleigh Cummings and/or the families of other missing or abducted children.” With no response from the organizers, it cannot be ruled out whether or not the money will simply be given to Crystal Sheffield to “aid” her “family.”


http://whois.domaintools.com/haleighbug.com provides information about “Haleigh Bug.” The person listed as the administrative and technical contact of haleighbug.com is Jeremiah Regan.

The domain name was created on March 13, 2009. The physical address provided is 100 S.E. Third Avenue Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33394. That is the address to the law office of Kim Picazio, the attorney who is representing Crystal Sheffield, pro bono.

Write Into Action (WIA) contacted Regan by email with some questions about Haleigh Bug. Regan replied, “Please do not contact me any further via email, phone or any other way. Any further attempts to contact me will be viewed as harassment.”

The legally crafted response was not exactly a shock. It was a tamed down version of a telephone call WIA received from Regan wherein he demanded to know where WIA had received information about him that he didn’t want people to know.

Regan’s response and conduct seemed inappropriate for the person handling the administrative affairs of a center that has been set up to receive money from well-intentioned Americans on a national scale. Most people who sent money to Haleigh Bug believed they were assisting in the funding of searches for the missing child.

No information is available as to where the money that came in to Haleigh Bug during that high-media period went, or how it was spent. The law office of Kim Picazio has referred all inquiries by WIA to her attorney.


Mike Picazio, husband of Kim Picazio, and occasional financial sponsor of the Haleigh Bug Center, said when he met Jeremiah Regan for the first time the 26 year-old man was clean cut with a shirt buttoned all the way up to his chin. He said they met at a hotel, and not knowing him, asked if he worked there. “I work for God,” he recalls Regan saying.

Mike Picazio said his opinion of Regan later changed when he saw a photo of him with a Mohawk hair-do, appearing to be, what he described as a “mercenary.”

The man who “worked” for “God” also filled in the blanks of his bebo.com profile with some interesting information. Under favorite books/magazines it said, “The bible is always good for shits and giggles when I need a good laugh.”

Wayanne Kruger, advocate, author and chaplain, said she met Regan in Satsuma while she was assisting female victims involved in the Haleigh Cummings case. She said he was attempting to get his own reality TV show. This too was interesting, as Regan said on his bebo.com profile that he “hates f---in reality TV.”

Kruger said Jeremiah Regan’s father, John Regan, told her he was a pastor and advised her he had a lot of friends in the Christian community and could “hit them up for money.” Kruger said she believed all was proper, good and true, and the three of them went on a small media tour. “If you call up news stations out there they all have footage on me, Jeremiah, and John,” she said.

Kruger said after she returned home when her work was done in Satsuma, she received and email with an attached photo from someone that appeared to be Jeremiah Regan with a stripper in Nevada; grinning, with his teeth on her thong underwear. She said she could not ignore the obvious awkward connection he had with the Haleigh Bug center. Kruger said Jeremiah Regan became frantic about the photo and texted her continuously. Eventually, she said, he called and left a message on her answering machine, threatening to file a false claim against her to the federal authorities. “It was stupid,” she laughed, pointing out the lack of wisdom in making a threat on an answering machine. Kruger said she called the police who told her she should file an order against Regan. She said her husband called Regan on the phone and advised him to not contact his wife any further.


Kruger said, in retrospect, she observed a great deal of folly in Satsuma.

Kruger said she met Jeremiah Regan’s father, John Regan, in a J.C. Penney. “I’d like to help out in this case,” she recalls him saying. She said John Regan identified himself as a chaplain for the local department who does a lot of work in the “underground” and works with “pedophilers” while going “undercover.” She said he also claimed to be with the CIA, noting with a chuckle that people in the CIA don’t tell you they are with the CIA.

Kruger said Jeremiah Regan told her that his phone was specially encrypted by the authorities so it could not be tapped.

Kruger’s account of John Regan is consistent with the statements of others. Judy Lucia, Interlachen, FL said she participated in a search using her dog, Gunny. “John Regan told me that he was undercover FBI,” she said. Lucia said she learned his name from others because he would not willingly provide it because he was “undercover.”

Lucia said during the period when she was attempting to identify John Regan, she received an email from Kim Picazio, Crystal Sheffield’s attorney. “[She] E-mailed me and told me that Jeremiah's father was not there on the day of the search and don't involve him in this.” Lucia said Kim Picazio had somehow come upon her in the internet website websleuths.
Although the language contained in the Articles of Incorporation for Haleigh Bug speaks of searches, there is no evidence that any money in the past was ever invested in searches. Ruby Kanger, mother-in-law to Haleigh Cummings’ grandfather, Johnny Sheffield, said her family does not approve of what is occurring with Haleigh Bug. “There has not been one search coordinated out of the Haleigh Bug Center,” she said. “They were supposed to coordinate searches out of there.”
Rev. Richard Grund, Windermere, FL, said he knows John and Jeremiah Regan and has counseled them regarding some issues. He has expressed sadness and disappointment in both of them.
‘There is a lot of cash out there somewhere,” Thomas said. “I’m sick and tired of these things happening.”
Kruger said she had been instrumental in developing the Foundation during its first days and actually came up with the name. She said things would have been run properly and in accordance with law if she had stayed on, noting that Jeremiah Regan had said he does not like being “told what to do by anyone” and said things would be run “his way” at the Haleigh Bug.
“I think it’s time to stop the charade,” Kanger said.
Kim Picazio was asked about Jeremiah Regan. She said, “He was great at what he did handling the center. He’s a good kid – good buddy of mine.”

Timothy Charles Holmseth
All content prepared by Timothy Charles Holmseth
All interviews conducted by Timothy Charles Holmseth
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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Re: Timothy Charles Holmseth   Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:08 am

William ‘COBRA’ Staubs announces intent to file BAR complaint against Florida Attorney Kim Picazio

PI searching for Haleigh Cummings claims he is being illegally silenced


by Timothy Charles Holmseth

William ‘COBRA’ Staubs has announced he will be filing a formal complaint to the Florida BAR against Kim Picazio, the attorney for Crystal Sheffield - biological mother of Haleigh Cummings. Staubs has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday with an attorney who will assist him in the filings.

The announcement comes on the heels of a felony arrest warrant that was issued for the Florida bondsman last week. Staubs turned himself in to authorities in Putnam County on Friday, and has stated he believes Picazio played an active role in his arrest, as well as tampering with his ability to bond out.

Paula Andrews, Staubs’ girlfriend, and a legal client of Picazio, said she had received telephone calls from Picazio weeks before the arrest wherein she made ominous predictions that Staubs could be jailed and/or lose his license.

A behind the scenes rift between Staubs and Picazio had been brewing for some time due to a host of issues between the one time friends.

“[The complaint] will probably be about 10 pages long,” Staubs said. “I can prove everything.”

Staubs said he was advised there was a warrant for his arrest and he made arrangements in advance with A-1 Bail Bonds in Palatka, FL to post his bond. “They set me up,” he said. “I went into [the] jail, and they snatched my bond, and said ‘let him rot in [expletive] jail.”

Andrews said Donna Jaquith, A-1 Bail Bonds, told her they weren’t going to pay the bond, despite all the previous arrangements. “I said, ‘I’ll put it on my credit card,’” Andrews explained, recalling the event. The response of the bond company representative was, according to Andrews; “I don’t want his money and his ass can rot in jail.”

Andrews said Picazio had made an ominous prediction in advance that Staubs was going to be on a “no bond hold,” despite the fact that bond had already been set and arranged.

Staubs had a booth reserved at the Blue Crab Festival in Palatka where he planned to promote his search for Haleigh Cummings over the Memorial Day weekend. Mike Picazio, Kim Picazio’s husband, said he and his wife had contacted A-1 bail bonds about Staubs’ situation so they could rent his booth for the Haleigh Bug center, in the event it became vacant.

Staubs said the formal complaint will include the allegation that Kim Picazio has knowledge of her client abusing prescription pills, while at the same time; pursuing physical custody of Ronald Cummings Jr. Staub’s said his knowledge of this and his refusal to lie for Kim Picazio’s client resulted in a sudden arrest, for an incident that was over two months old.

In a media interview published May 7 on the Bloggers News Network, when asked if Crystal Sheffield was who she appeared to be, Staubs replied, “No. I don’t think any of them have clean hands.” He said he now is being retaliated against and punished for his refusal to say only good things about Sheffield.

“I felt he acted absolutely improperly and in violation of statute,” Picazio said, saying Staubs had a contract with Johnny Sheffield, Crystal Sheffield’s father, and he should not be saying any disparaging remarks against her client.

“I investigate everyone,” Staubs said, adding that anything short of that would be of no help to the missing child.

“They wanted to teach me a lesson. They wanted to teach me that [Kim Picazio] has power,” Staubs said.

Mike Picazio said his wife had been in contact with the State Attorney’s office and the Putnam County Sherriff’s Department regarding Staubs and the controversial bond revocation of Daniel Snodgrass, but that she was not involved in the recent charges.

The false imprisonment charges against Staubs had been previously submitted to the State Attorney’s office and returned because there was not enough evidence. Mike Picazio said the State Attorney’s office told his wife they might bring charges against Staubs in the future if they had a little more evidence. Apparently someone satisfied the need of additional information, although who provided that evidence and what it was, is not clear.

As tensions continued to grow between Kim Picazio and Staubs following Staubs’ media comment about her client, ominous threats began to be made regarding his future, he said.

Donald Knop, Kim Picazo’s brother-in-law and former employee, said Kim Picazio had told him she knew a person in “Tallahassee” who handled this type of licensing, and could have Staubs’ license taken away if she wanted to.

Kim Picazio confirmed she believed she could have had Staubs’ license taken away but said she wasn’t involved in the recent legal actions taken against Staubs.

Johnny Sheffield, Crystal Sheffield’s father, said Kim Picazio and her husband began calling his daughter and wife and wouldn’t leave them alone; demanding he terminate his contract with Staubs to investigate the whereabouts of Haleigh Cummings – which would force Staubs out of the picture because he would have no client. Johnny Sheffield said he got so tired of the calls he terminated the contract, and then his mother-in-law, Ruby Kanger, simply signed a new one.

Staubs said Kim Picazio’s efforts to have his contract terminated were a pre-cursor to his arrest.

Kim Picazio said she had a conversation with Staubs about the matter. “You’re putting me in the position of having to go up against my friend (Staubs himself) or withdraw from the case,” she said, recounting the conversation. “I said, ‘Bill, don’t put me in a position like that.’”

Staubs said Crystal Sheffield has “no chance” of achieving physical custody of the child, even if the child is removed from the home. He said he repeatedly asked Kim Picazio to get Crystal Sheffield some help for her drug abuse so she would be fit to be awarded custody, should such a time occur. He said Kim Picazio became angry and said he should quit “[expletive] with her case” and that it was going to make her client “look bad.” Staubs said she told him no one will know, saying to him, “By the time anybody finds out about this, buddy, she will have prescriptions for everything that’s in her system.”

“[The claim that Sheffield abuses pills] is ridiculous. We offered random drug tests to DCF,” Picazio said, adding that DFC can get access to all of Sheffield’s medical records and that her client has nothing to hide.

The basis of the complaint will also include allegations by Staubs that Kim Picazio engaged in an on-going sexual relationship with Jeremiah Regan, the administrator of the Haleigh Bug center in Satsuma, FL. Staubs said that at the same time that affair was occurring, Regan was also in a relationship with Crystal Sheffield., thus creating a conflict of interest between attorney and client (Kim Picazio and Jeremiah Regan) and possibly a sexual harassment issue between Kim Picazio and Regan, 26.

Kim Picazio said Regan was not her employee.

Staubs said his knowledge of this affair and refusal to play along has resulted in retaliation from Kim Picazio.

Staubs said Kim Picazio was “obsessed” with Regan, and on one occasion, she telephoned Staubs in the late night hours and demanded he travel to the Haleigh Bug center in Satsuma and see what Regan and Crystal Sheffield were doing – Staubs said she was jealous.

Picazio disagrees with Staubs’ version of events.

“Of course, I don’t want my client in a bad light, that she’s sitting somewhere away from her fiancé having sex with some guy, and so, I surely tried to get to the bottom of that,” Picazio said.

Staubs said on another occasion Kim Picazio came into his motel room as he slept and sat at the end of his bed crying. He said she was showing him the bottom of her feet, which were bleeding because she had chased Regan down the road after he had rejected her. She said she “loved” Regan, he recounts. Mike Picazio said he did receive a call from Staubs about the incident. He said he and his wife had a good laugh about it because she didn’t have any cuts on her feet.

Kim Picazio said there is no conflict of interest between her and her client. “Crystal and I love each other like sisters,” she said.

“Jeremiah described [the acts] to me,” Staubs said. Andrews said Regan also admitted the relationship to her, adding it is simply common knowledge.

Staubs said Regan covertly taped himself discussing the affair in sordid detail with Kim Picazio. When she was confronted with the audio, he said, she said it was clips from various television shows such as Nancy Grace, Jane Valez Mitchell, and Geraldo all spliced together. Later, Staubs says, she said she had simply gone “into character” as a “counselor” to help Regan with his problems, and was not discussing true events.

Knop said because of financial constraints the group would often have to share motel beds to save money, and Kim Picazio and Regan shared the same bed. Knop said when he was present “everyone was fully clothed.”

Mike Picazio said he received a telephone call from Regan wherein the twenty-six year-old admitted he had an affair with his wife. Mike Picazio said that days later Regan changed his story and said Staubs had forced him to call [Mike Picazio] on the telephone and make a bogus claim of adultery by putting a “gun in his mouth.” Mike Picazio also said the reason Regan was sleeping in the same motel room as his wife was because Staubs “locked” Regan in with her – forcing the situation.

According to Mike Picazio, Regan later changed his story again, and said Staubs didn’t put a gun in his mouth, but said he would “wash his mouth out with a pistol” if he didn’t call Mike Picazio and falsely say he had been having sexual relations with his wife.

No 911 calls were ever made regarding these alleged violent crimes by Staubs.

Mike Picazio said he believes Staubs’ motive was to prompt a divorce between himself and his wife so Staubs could get valuable stock in his growing biofuels company. However, later in the interview, when asked if he believed that Staubs put a gun in Regan’s mouth to force a statement out of him, Mike Picazio replied, “No.”

Staubs laughed at the assertion that he put a gun in Regan’s mouth. “He didn’t look to me like he had a gun in his mouth while he walked around the Golden Corral (in Palatka) parking lot on the phone, telling Mike what he did,” Staubs said.

Knop said Kim Picazio discussed the future with Regan and told him she could get him a job in her husband’s biofuels business. Knop said he heard Kim Picazio say to Regan, “You know Jeremiah; you have to make a decision here. You have to decide whether you want to be an oil executive, or run a charity. Running a charity is rewarding and all, but there is no money in it.”
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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: Re: Timothy Charles Holmseth   Sat Jul 25, 2009 5:08 am

Putnam County Sheriff’s Department denies investigatory relationship with Kim Picazio

Florida attorney claims privileged access in HaLeigh Cummings investigation

By Timothy Charles Holmseth

Lt. Johnny Greenwood, spokesman, Putnam County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD), said his department shares no investigative relationship with Kim Picazio, attorney for Crystal Sheffield, biological mother of HaLeigh Cummings. Picazio has stated to the media on numerous occasions she enjoys a special relationship with the department and has been privy to information most people don’t know.

“Kim Picazio is not a part of our investigative team,” Greenwood said. “She hasn’t gotten any information that anybody else hasn’t gotten.”

The possibility that Picazio is receiving preferential treatment from law enforcement in Putnam County has become a growing concern to many.

Picazio boasted on the May 8th airing of the Jane Valez Mitchell show that law enforcement had never been to her client’s residence because her client is not a suspect. “And I can say that with regard to my client, who is a parent (of the missing child), the cops haven’t even gone out to investigate her house. They haven’t even done a thorough investigation. So, I don’t think that they are looking at her side of the family as the bad guy,” Picazio said, on air.

Greenwood said the PCSD is making no comments about the HaLeigh Cummings investigation and could not confirm or deny whether they had been to Sheffield’s residence at any time to search for HaLeigh.

Picazio reiterated her claim to Write Into Action (WIA). She said law enforcement had never visited Sheffield. “A month after me getting in the case I had to give [the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department] the address of [Crystal Sheffield’s] house [because] they hadn’t been there yet,” she said.

Picazio’s assertion that the police did not know Sheffield’s address has created questions.

Rebecca Thomas, child advocate, West Palm Beach, FL said Picazio’s statement that the PCSD didn’t know where Sheffield lived is concerning. “The police automatically take down your name and address and relationship to HaLeigh before they even begin talking to you,” she said.

Thomas said Picazio’s assertion that Sheffield has never been of any interest to the police was equally alarming, because the department’s official position to the media is they have ruled no-one out in the disappearance and everyone is a suspect. “It’s standard procedure to look at both parents,” she said, pointing out that Sheffield had received a letter instructing her to appear in court because of overdue child support, putting her liberty and driver’s license at risk shortly before the child’s disappearance. “That alone is reason to ask her where she and her family were that night and to search her house,” Thomas said.

During the May 24, 2009 airing of a radio talk show on the Blogger News Network (BNN) featuring the HaLeigh Cummings case, Picazio called in and made similar claims. “I know what [law enforcement] is doing and they can only give that information to the parent of a missing child,” she said.

Picazio continued praising the PCSD on air and used the word “we” when speaking about the investigation, implying there have been times when law enforcement missed something that she caught. “They’ve done an amazing sophisticated forensic job,” she said. “Every time I call them and say ‘hey, I was just thinking of this – did you do that’ – they were all over it. Rarely have I mentioned a person or item of evidence that they had not done thoroughly – even by the FBI.”

Picazio told WIA she is a valuable resource to the PCSD. “What’s great is I get to get those leads on the missing child’s case so I get to assist law enforcement. Call Peggy Cone and ask her what she’s thinks of me. You can call anyone you want in law enforcement” she said.

“Would you like to know the great leads we're investigating,” she said. “I'm trying to maintain a case with DCF and to coordinate really great leads, etc. With law enforcement regarding finding HaLeigh.”

“There's so much fantastic and interesting news about the search for HaLeigh, witnesses, dangerous meetings with POI's (persons of interests.) Wouldn't you rather report about the real stuff,” Picazio said, responding to a question.

William ‘COBRA’ Staubs, private investigator, said Picazio approached him one day and said, “Guess what?” Picazio had just learned some sensitive information about the inside of the home (crime-scene) on the night of the child’s disappearance. “She made me play a little guessing game,” he said. She then provided him with extremely sensitive information that WIA is not going to publish.

Picazio also shared sensitive information about the crime-scene with Paula Andrews, Staubs’ significant other. “She told me about the (details withheld). I don’t think in Orlando, police were taking George and Cindy Anthony in and saying ‘hey let me tell you this,” Andrews said.

Picazio also discussed investigative strategy on the BNN radio program and gave accounts of her dual role as a detective.

“Going behind the scenes is exactly the right bit for Putnam County,” she said. “Otherwise witnesses would run scared. Every time we even wanted to find a witness we we’d hear they were in a safe-house. So we’d have to find the safe house.”

Picazio told WIA she spent time with drug dealers in drug houses, as well as counseling youth and gathering information from underworld figures who wouldn’t talk to the police. She said she talked to a youth named Christina Prevatt. “That’s a valuable thing to talk to this teenager who is around Misty’s (Croslin-Cummings) age - hanging in that teenager ‘I do drugs’ crowd – that’s an invaluable resource. I don’t think she’s going to be too up front with the police, but she will be with me,” Picazio said.

Picazio said she would report her investigatory information to the police.

Picazio assured the listeners of BNN that she and the PCSD are on top of everything.

“The search for HaLeigh is still ongoing – full force – including leads that I assist with every single week,” she said. “We are working diligently.”

COBRA Staubs was a guest on the May 24 BNN program, and expressed concern at Picazio’s claims. “I’m trying to figure for the life of me how come a tight-lipped police agency such as Putnam County Sheriff’s Office would share forensic details with a civil attorney,” he said.

Picazio told WIA she was on the inside and described a room she said contained piles of folders, and then explained how some of them contained people’s cell phone records that dated back one month from the day HaLeigh Cummings went missing.

Picazio said she knows a lot of things that most people don’t know. “I’ve got some new leads I can’t tell you about now but I’ll tell you what happened when they’re over,” she said.

Picazio said she has information only known by herself, Putnam County Detective Peggy Cone, and Bonnie Warner, Department of Children and Family Services (DCF). “There were a lot of things that were so hot that I couldn’t tell anyone,” she said. “Law enforcement and DCF asked me not to.”

Picazio said WIA should contact DCF who would attest to her importance.

Picazio’s claim to be well connected to the PCSD, and the questions it raises, do not stop at the investigation into the whereabouts of HaLeigh Cummings.

On May 21, 2009 an arrest warrant was issued for Staubs with the charge of false imprisonment - stemming from a March 20, 2009, bond revocation he executed.

In early March, Staubs met with Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy, Travis Smith, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, John Merchant, lead detective/Cummings case, PCSD, and the assistant state’s attorney at the Bi-lo store in Satsuma and reviewed several files he was working on; namely the file of Daniel Snodgrass.

Snodgrass was free on bond, charged with capital sexual battery on a minor. Staubs executed the revocation with PCSD officers present and observing.

Hardy did not respond to WIA’s questions.

Over two months after the incident Staubs was charged with a crime.

Picazio, by her own admission, made a myriad of telephone calls regarding Staubs to various officials in Putnam County, right around the time of his arrest.

The barrage of telephone calls made by Picazio to authorities during that time window has created questions about the integrity of the PCSD and state’s attorney’s office.

Although the relationship between Staubs and Picazio had once been professionally friendly, it had ended due to Staubs’ refusal to say only good things to the media about Picazio’s client. Staubs stated publicly Sheffield was taking medication not prescribed to her and was not a suitable candidate for physical custody of a child in her present condition. He had also witnessed, he said, very embarrassing things regarding Picazio and Jeremiah Regan, 26, the administrator of the Haleigh Bug Center, Satsuma.

Staubs also possesses information about Picazio that is listed in a complaint to the Attorney General of the State of Florida filed by Timothy Charles Holmseth (WIA owner). The information is highly sensitive and Rev. Al Sharpton and the NAACP are being sought to address it appropriately without incident.

Picazio said the police knew that she and Staubs were no longer friends.

After the relationship between Picazio and Staubs dissolved, Picazio said she spoke with State’s Attorney Joseph Boatwright on the telephone and discussed Staubs and his pending arrest. She said Boatright assured her he would keep her apprised by telephone about things. Because Picazio is not Staubs’ attorney it is unknown why she was speaking to the state’s attorney office about him.

Boatright did not respond to WIA’s questions.

Rev Richard Grund, Windermere, FL, is the father of Jesse Grund, one time boyfriend of Casey Anthony, Orlando, and is familiar with high profile cases. He said something seems very wrong with all of this. “How is Kim Picazio discussing Bill’s arrest, and the conditions of his arrest with law enforcement, when she is not his attorney,” he said. “That’s a tremendous problem right there. She’s not his attorney – that’s very clear, yet she’s privy to when he gets arrested.”

The arrest of Staubs came two months after the actual alleged crime, and, after the state’s attorney office originally returned the complaint as being too weak to charge out. Mike Picazio, husband of Kim Picazio, knew the details of the state’s position on the first attempt by the police to charge Staubs. Mike Picazio said the State didn’t have enough to charge Staubs, but if they got some more information the police were supposed to send it back and they’d look at it again.

That Staubs would be arrested at some point seemed to be predicted in advance by Kim Picazio and Cone.

Andrews said she received ominous telephone messages from Kim Picazio in the time before Staubs’ arrest, wherein Kim Picazio communicated to her something might happen to “Bill” and noted how terrible it would be if his career was ruined. Kim Picazio telephoned Andrews upset that she had received a set of questions from WIA. She advised Andrews to tell Staubs he needed to tell that “reporter to ‘fuck off.’”

Cone also seemed to possess ominous foresight about Staubs’ grim fate. Staubs said Cone told Regan he better stay away from COBRA or end up in jail with him. Staubs said he confronted Cone about her statement and she admitted to making it.

Cone did not respond to WIA’s questions.

Kim Picazio’s inside information also leads to Putnam County Detective Ken Taylor who pursued the false imprisonment (felony) charge against Staubs, despite the documented fact Staubs held qualifying power of attorney for C.E. Parrish at the time he detained Snodgrass – a qualification that debunks any testimony that said Staubs had no authority to do so.

“Detective Taylor called me,” Kim Picazio said. She said Taylor was extremely mad at Staubs because his actions with Snodgrass might place the State in a position where they will have to reach a plea deal, or, be subject to lawsuit by Snodgrass.

“Now, since [Staubs] called in police officers (who witnessed the entire event without intervening) - Snodgrass’ attorney can allege the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is allowing people to harass [Snodgrass],” Kim Picazio said, recounting what Taylor told her.

Kim Picazio’s statement about Taylor gives rise for concern about the integrity of the felony charge Taylor relentlessly pursued against him.

Taylor did not respond to WIA’s questions.

When Greenwood was told that the Pentium Silent Witness recordings in Staubs’ vehicle would prove Cyril Parrish had complete knowledge of Staubs’s actions and intentions in advance, and exonerate Staubs, he immediately said Staubs could be charged again because the recordings would be illegal. He did not express any interest as to the substantive content of the recordings or Staubs’ possible innocence of the false imprisonment charge.

Staubs said the recordings are legal, posted with nomenclature, and are for his protection as well as any prisoner he transports.

“I’m appalled at the way the police, the sheriff’s department, and the state’s attorneys office have handled this,” Thomas said. “What’s wrong with this police department, sheriff’s office, and prosecution?”

Thomas answered her rhetorical question. “I think it’s because Cobra will be able to find [HaLeigh and they can’t.]”

Grund said the Putnam County issue needs to be investigated. “I think that’s an avenue Bill (Staubs) really needs to pound on. I told him he needs to contact the Attorney General of the State of Florida and specifically ask for a formal investigation into what has taken place because this is so off the charts wrong.”
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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

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Timothy Charles Holmseth
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