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 FDLE on the Case

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Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida

PostSubject: FDLE on the Case   Fri Jul 31, 2009 5:35 am

FDLE on the Case
It was discovered recently that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has assigned Agent Jason Jolicoeur to investigate the Haleigh Cummings case on a full time basis. Because there are so many concerns about local law enforcement and the quality and depth of their investigation thus far, I thought an investigation into Agent Jolicoeur would be prudent.

Jolicoeur, according to his Zoominfo profile worked for the Flagler County Florida Sheriff’s office prior to his tenure with the FDLE. The most recent information found on Agent Jolicoeur was a letter of commendation from Florida’s Office of the Attorney General written in March of this year for his outstanding performance during the investigation, arrest and convictions of several Bloods Gang members in Flagler County over a period of four years. This Agent is credited with making a “profound impression” on the author, is called “qualified and exceptional,” as well as “one of the best.” This Rico investigation was called “extremely complex and complicated” and Jolicoeur was complimented in this letter on his “thoroughness, organization and preparation.”
According to this letter, this investigation culminated in the arrests of thirteen gang members in 2008 and has resulted in a total crime decrease of 27% including a 20% decrease in aggravated assaults and a 60% decrease in burglaries. Agent Jolicoeur was credited with the success of this particular endeavor.

This letter in its entirety can be viewed as images at these links



Jolicoeur’s zoominfo profile details many other cases he has worked on as a Flagler County Detective. Of particular interest is his role in solving a spree of home robberies in Flagler County in 2005. Nineteen homes were robbed of almost $80,000 worth of materials around the Christmas holidays and a high school was robbed o f $15,000 worth of video equipment at the same time. Four teenaged wrestlers who happened to be students at that high school were arrested within days. Ten months later all of them entered pleas of no contest and were sentenced for their crimes. Once again, Jolicoeur’s outstanding investigation skills and tenacity were credited with resolution in this case.

It appears that Agent Jolicoeur’s promotion from local law enforcement to working for the FDLE was well deserved. Considering Agent Jolicoeur’s past successes on an investigative level, and his clear ability to compile a case loaded with evidence that leads to successful convictions, it is evident that this particular agent may be the right person for the task at hand. I am pleased to find that Agent Jolicoeur has what appears to be an outstanding working relationship with the State Attorney’s office in North Central Florida and am enthusiastic that his work on the Haleigh Cummings case may lead to not only the answers we all seek, but also to the charges and convictions necessary to serve JUSTICE FOR HALEIGH CUMMINGS.
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FDLE on the Case
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