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 Investigators Narrow Focus In Haleigh Search

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PostSubject: Investigators Narrow Focus In Haleigh Search   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:15 am

Investigators Narrow Focus In Haleigh Search
Haleigh's Birthday Marked With Balloon Release
POSTED: 7:08 pm EDT August 16, 2009
UPDATED: 10:07 am EDT August 18, 2009


SATSUMA, Fla. -- Investigators in Putnam County marked the sixth birthday of Haleigh Cummings with a news release stating they believe the missing girl was likely kidnapped by someone she knew.
Putnam County Sheriff's Office Lt. Johnny Greenwood said evidence and the work of investigators have minimized the likelihood that Haleigh's disappearance is the work of a stranger.

Greenwood said the missing girl's biological parents, Ronald Cummings and Crystal Sheffield, are not considered suspects in the case.

Haleigh Remembered On 6th Birthday

The thought of Haleigh's sixth birthday transformed her grandmother's face into a portrait of anguish.
"You can't celebrate a birthday when she's not here," grandmother Teresa Neves said.
Haleigh vanished from her bad on a cold February morning.
"I can definitely say she has not been forgotten," Greenwood said.
The news release from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office stated that investigators don't believe a stranger kidnapped Haleigh, but they are looking for more information from Croslin-Cummings. Haleigh disappeared on her watch.
"All it's going to take is one small piece of information. Like I said, somebody out there knows what happened," Greenwood said.
Countless searches have been completed since Haleigh's disappearance. and 4,000 leads have been received by authorities. Some of them have taken investigators as away as Tennessee.
And there were the unexpected events like when Haleigh's father proposed to his 16-year-old girlfriend. A recent family feud ended with him being jailed.
On Haleigh's birthday, her father and his new wife were together, but six months have passed, and the little girl remains missing.
Investigators said they believe Haleigh could still be alive, and they have no evidence to believe otherwise. Greenwood said they're waiting for new leads and reworking old ones.
"We've actually got an agent with the (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) right now, who is assigned to us to go back through tips just reviewing to see if there's any tip that might not have been investigated," Greenwood said.

Balloons Released With Fliers Inside

On her birthday, Haleigh's family didn't miss the chance to get her face back out in the public. They sponsored a nationwide balloon release, with fliers containing her information.
"When they take it out of the balloon, or when it falls, they'll look at it, and possibly, hopefully, if they've seen Haleigh, they'll recognize her and call law enforcement," great grandmother Annette Sykes said.
Haleigh's family keeps reminders of her everywhere. Shrines contain pictures, pieces of her little-girl makeup and presents she has never opened.
And there's pain.
"It just hurts, and it's a lot of pain. You get up every day, praying this is the day she comes home, and you go to bed praying," grandmother Teresa Neves said.
Haleigh's family can't forget, but their biggest fear is that the rest of the world will.

More Searches Planned

Orlando attorney Make NeJame and Texas EqquSearch founder Tim Miller also announced they're teaming up to search for Haleigh.
Miller said the search will take place in four to six weeks, when he believes weather conditions and vegetation will be more conducive to finding the girl.
The search has spanned thousands of acres of land to date, including all of the area near the Cummings' home. Aerial and underwater searches have also been conducted.
Miller said about 50 EquuSearch members and volunteers will conduct the search. The group has searched for the girl previously and also searched for Caylee Anthony.


My statements are my personal opinion.
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Investigators Narrow Focus In Haleigh Search
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