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 Missing Girl's Grandma Appears On 'Early Show'

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PostSubject: Missing Girl's Grandma Appears On 'Early Show'   Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:57 am

Grandmother Believes Haleigh Is Alive
Missing Girl's Grandma Appears On 'Early Show'
POSTED: Wednesday, August 19, 2009
UPDATED: 1:01 pm EDT August 19, 2009


NEW YORK -- The paternal grandmother of a missing girl is refuting claims that the child's stepmother knows more information about the girl's disappearance.

VIDEO: Grandmother On 'Early Show'

Teresa Neves spoke exclusively with the CBS "Early Show" Wednesday morning, days after investigators said they believe Misty Croslin-Cummings could hold the key to what happened to Haleigh Cummings.
Croslin-Cummings was baby-sitting Haleigh the night the 5-year-old disappeared from her father's home in Satsuma. Shortly after Haleigh's disappearance, Croslin-Cummins married Haleigh's father, Ronald Cummings.
"I hope she did not. I think that, as Mark (Nejame) said, have her hopefully clear some things up and know what's going on," Neves said.
Attorney Mark Nejame is assisting with the search for Haleigh. He was briefly involved in the Caylee Anthony case as the attorney for the toddler's grandparents.
"The story, the version that she gave, isn't lining up. There's certain areas that still remain with a large question mark hanging over them," Nejame said.
On Monday, Putnam County investigators said Cummings-Croslin's story on what happened the night in February that Haleigh disappeared does not add up.
Investigators said the 17-year-old has failed to provide a detailed account of that night and physical evidence at the scene contradicts what she told detectives.
Neves told the "Early Show" that she still believes her granddaughter is alive.
"I do believe. I believe God will bring her home. I believe without faith and hope that you don't have anything to cling to," Neves said.
Investigators said they believe Haleigh was taken by someone who knew her, but they do not think Haleigh's mother or father had anything to do with the girl's disappearance.
A new search for Haleigh is expected to begin in around two months. The search will be led by Texas Equusearch. Group founder Tim Miller said he expects search conditions to be more favorable in October. Miller was also involved in the search for Caylee.
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Missing Girl's Grandma Appears On 'Early Show'
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