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 Exclusive: Misty and Ronald Cummings in court

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Team HaLeigh
Team HaLeigh

PostSubject: Exclusive: Misty and Ronald Cummings in court   Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:43 am

Exclusive: Misty and Ronald Cummings in court

PALATKA, Fla. -- Misty and Ronald Cummings appeared in court Wednesday morning fighting a battle to insure Misty's brother, Hank Croslin, Jr., stays away from her.

A judge ordered Croslin to stay at least 500 feet from Cummings, make no contact with her and told him he can never own a gun. A temporary restraining order with similar guidelines had previously been filed, but Cummings fought to make it permanent.

Misty and Ronald entered the courtroom together and sat about 10 feet from Hank Croslin Jr. and his mother. Neither made eye contact the entire time of the hearing. The hearing lasted only a few minutes and Hank Croslin Jr. only made one statement to the judge in reference to the restraining order.

"I want her to, she can go ahead and have her injunction…I don’t want nothing to do with her, I’m actually moving to Massachusetts so it's fine, she can have it," said Hank Jr.

The judge asked Misty's lawyer if she objected to Hank Jr. allowing the injunction to go through. She said no, and the order was signed.

Neither Ronald or Misty Cummings had a comment on the ruling leaving the courthouse, but Misty told Action News cameras she feels the attention is taking away from finding Haleigh.

"It’s not important, Haleigh’s what’s important," said Misty as she walked by our cameras.

Hank Croslin Jr. and his mother had much more to say about the injunction hearing after Misty and Ronald left the courthouse.

"I’ve never done anything wrong to her, but I just let her have it. I don’t want nothing to do with her anymore," said Hank Jr.

Misty's mother spoke to Action News saying for the first time, she believes her daughter knows more about what happened to Haleigh than she's letting on.

"Deep down in my heart yes I think my daughter’s holding something back. And her husband. I think they both are holding something back. That’s just in my heart," said Misty's mother.

"I’m going to tell her I love her, and if you know anything at all, please tell me. I mean, we can work I t through, I’ll be there by your side, we can work through it, but please tell us what you’re holding back," she said.

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Team HaLeigh
Team HaLeigh

PostSubject: Re: Exclusive: Misty and Ronald Cummings in court   Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:43 am

The official police report is below:
Deputy Nicole Quintiere made the following report concerning an incident that took place 8/5/09 at about 11:30 pm
Scene: 216 4th Avenue Welaka, Florida 32193
Driving directions: Highway 17 south, Left on CR 308B, right on 4th Avenue. Residence: DWMH white in color with add on porch.
On August 5th, 2009 I was dispatched to the parking lot of the Welaka Kangaroo in reference to the report of a battery. When I arrived on scene, I met with Hank Croslin Jr and Hank Croslin Sr and also Lisa Croslin. Upon initial assessment of the situation I gathered that Hank Croslin Jr had been battered by Ronald Cummings.
Upon further investigation into the incident, I spoke with Hank Croslin Jr on his own. Hank stated that he, Lisa and Hank Sr had gotten a phone call from Misty who was crying and yelling. He said that Misty asked for them to come to her residence and pick her up because she no longer wanted to be at the residence with Ronald. In an attempt to obtain his sister, he, Lisa and Hank Sr drove to her residence on 4th Avenue. He stated that when he arrived at the residence on 4th Avenue Ronald came out and was acting crazy. He said that Ronald came out and began "swinging on him". He said that he was hit in the head and neck several times. He said that after they got in their physical altercation, he entered his vehicle in an attempt to drive away and Ronald entered the vehicle on the passenger side and began striking him again. He said that at that time, he drove away and went to the Kangaroo in Welaka to call 911. Hank Jr completed a written statement in reference to the incident. He also signed a charging affidavit against Ronald Cummings for Burglary with Battery. Hank Jr was transported to Putnam Community Medical Center complaining of injury to his neck and head.
After speaking with Hank Jr, I spoke with Lisa Croslin. Lisa stated that she was not sure what Ronald was on but he was not in the right state of mind. She said that up until now she never knew him as being violent. She said that they had received a phone call from her daughter Misty screaming and crying. She said that she was worried about her daughter and went to the residence to check on her. She said that when they arrived on scene Ronald went crazy. She said that when they were in the driveway of the residence Ronald came to the vehicle and hit her son. Lisa completed a written sworn statement in reference to the incident.
It should be noted that Hank Sr was at the scene as well. He stated that he did not wish to complete a written or recorded statement. He said that he did not want his daughter to be mad at him so he did not want to take any action. He did state though that he was at the residence when the fight occurred. He said that Ronald went crazy on his son. He said that they arrived and Ronald came out irate. He said that Ronald hit his son several times and then was forced back into the residence. He stated that after a few more minutes Ronald came back out and initiated another fight. He said that they got into three separate physical altercations before leaving the residence to call 911. No written or recorded statement was provided. He stated that he would be willing to speak in court if a subpoena was issued for him.
After speaking with all three of those subjects, I located Ronald Cummings at 216 4th Avenue. Upon initial contact, I detained Ronald Cummings for my safety and the safety of all others at the scene. It should be noted that Ronald Cummings is usually in possession of some sort of hand gun and it was mentioned that he may have been in possession of it at the current time. Ronald was taken outside of the residence by me and Deputy Nelson. Sgt Cecil Manning stayed in the residence with Misty Croslin and Ronald's grandmother Annette Sykes. Ronald was asked to explain what happened with Hank Croslin Jr. He stated to me that he did not wish to speak that it was his right to remain silent. At that time, I asked Deputy Nelson to stay with Ronald while I spoke with Misty and Annette.
Upon speaking with Misty she stated that she had talked to her brother on the telephone. She said that she asked him why he had been calling her residence all day. She said that he asked her if he could come over and she said no because it was too late. She said that he then made a big ordeal about not being able to see her and said he was coming over anyway. She said that when he arrived at the residence, he began a verbal altercation with Ronald. She then said that Hank Jr came at Ronald and a physical altercation began. She said that Ronald went into the residence as instructed by his grandmother. When Hank did not leave the residence Ronald came back out and another physical altercation began. Misty said that she was trying to break up the fight and got hit in the face two times by Hank Jr and her dad Hank Sr because she was in the middle of the fight. She said that they fought for a little while longer and then her brother and mom and dad left. Misty completed a sworn written statement in reference to the incident.
After speaking with Misty I spoke with Ronald's grandmother Annette Sykes. Annette stated that she was in bed and heard a racket outside of her house. She said she got up and opened the door. She said she saw a group of people outside in her front yard. She said she saw three men in a crowd screaming and yelling. She realized that the men were Ronald Cummings, Hank Croslin Jr and Hank Croslin Sr. She said that they were fighting and Misty and her mother were trying to get them to stop. Misty told them to leave the residence. She said that she attempted to break up the fight and told Ronald to go into the residence and everyone else to leave. She said that she separated Ronald and Hank Jr and sent Ronald in the house. She said she pushed Hank Jr, Sr and Lisa into their van and told them to leave. She said that Hank Jr continued to yell at Ronald. She said that Ronald came back out and they went to fighting again. She said that Hank Jr was in the van and Ronald reached in again after him to continue the altercation. She said that again she sent Ronald into the residence and slammed the van door shut so that Hank, Hank and Lisa would leave. She said that Hank Jr was going to the handy way to call the sheriffs office. Annette completed a sworn written statement in reference to the incident.
It should be noted that Ronald Cummings made it very clear at the scene that he had a right to remain silent and did not wish to speak about the incident without a lawyer. Ronald was placed in the rear seating area of my patrol vehicle. He was advised that he was being charged with Burglary with battery. Ronald was transported to the jail without incident. When we arrived at the jail he advised that he wished to "fill out a statement just like everyone else did against him". He stated also that he wanted to sign charging affidavits in reference to battery against Hank Croslin Jr and Hank Croslin Sr.
In Ronald's statement he stated that three people Hank Croslin Jr, Sr and Lisa Croslin showed up at his grandma's house after they were told not to come there by his wife Misty Cummings. He said that Hank Jr and Sr got out of the van and approached in an "aggressive" manner. He said that he asked Hank Jr to get out of his face and he then came closer. He thought he was going to hit him so he pushed him out of the way. He said that Hank Jr then hit him after Ronald pushed him and the physical altercation began. He said that Hank Sr then entered the fight and held him while Hank Jr hit him. Ronald completed a sworn written statement in reference to the incident and also signed charging affidavits against Hank Croslin Jr and Sr for battery.
Ronald was booked without incident on the charge of Burglary with Battery. His bond is set at $12,504.00. Photographs were taken of Ronald Cummings and Hank Croslin Jr's injuries. The photographs have been uploaded onto the PCSO website for further review. At this time, the charging affidavits against Hank Croslin Jr and Sr will be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office for further review. Any further reports or supplements will be completed and submitted in a timely manner.
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Exclusive: Misty and Ronald Cummings in court
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