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 Putnam County Pond Search Tied to Haleigh Cummings

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Team HaLeigh
Team HaLeigh

PostSubject: Putnam County Pond Search Tied to Haleigh Cummings   Sun Sep 20, 2009 3:12 pm

Putnam County Pond Search Tied to Haleigh Cummings Tips!

Art Harris on Nancy Grace: Lawyer Tells me Misty to “Come out Swinging?”

From Bald Truth Staff, (c)www.artharris.com, all rights reserved

After flip-flopping on why a rapidly assembled task force of Putnam County Sheriff’s Department investigators, divers and others are draining and searching a local pond (first it was a pot bust, then stolen 4 wheelers, they told me), now Sheriff Jeff Hardy is setting the confused record straight by telling us what locals suspected and had been e mailing us for hte last 24 hours: it’s Haliegh Cummings related.

Big news, inspiring big hopes closure is near, that whatever they are hunting in the muck of a Satsuma swamp, it will lead them to the missing six year old, dead or alive, and bring the kidnappers and or killers to justice.

One reason law enforcement plays such cards close–if it’s from a tip, say from Misty brother, Tommy, or Tennessee cousin Joe Overstreet, or any number of folks they’ve grilled in the last few days, it will be a test of truth, and a deal for immunity from prosecution or an easier outcome, could hang in the balance.

Who may be ratting out who? That’s what we’d like to know, but smart money is betting the least of the dumb criminals is scrambling for a deal, bluffed into telling a detail about possible evidence police hope to recover from the mud that has been covering up the truth, literally and figuratively.

Bad guys who sing, often get to sing another day. At least that’s what we hear cops are selling. Shame on those who said our heroes in blue didn’t have a plan…As one told me last week, “you’re about to see some fireworks.”

Here’s the sheriff’s department release that went out couple hours ago, verbatum:

Sheriff Hardy wants to quell the rumor that Haleigh Cummings body has been recovered.

This information is not correct. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has also received numerous calls regarding a search currently being conducted south of Palatka. It has been our position that we will not discuss operations or searches prior to their completion. We have done this to prevent any scene contamination issues that could arise from onlookers. We have determined that due to the widespread false rumor of Haleigh being found, it is best that we address these current events.

The current search is the result of one of the over 4000 tips received in this case. The Putnam County Sheriff’s has received information that there is possible physical evidence in the Haleigh Cummings investigation located in a body of water south of Palatka. The description of the alleged physical evidence will not be released at this time. Divers from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, and Clay County Sheriff’s Office, are conducting underwater searches in this area. In an attempt to assist the divers, the decision has been made to lower the water level in the pond to reduce the search area.

Although coincidental, the recent interviews with Hank Thomas Croslin Jr. and Kristina Prevatt did not provide the information which led to this search.

Neither Sheriff Hardy, nor members of the investigative team, will be participating in formal interviews or providing statements regarding these events. This search is just one of many searches that have been conducted thus far in the investigation.

We appreciate the media for assisting us by keeping Haleigh in the news. This continual coverage has led to many of the tips we have received to date. We do ask that members of the media and public remain out of the area where the current search is taking place. In the event that evidence is recovered, we do not want any issues with possible contamination from onlookers. If anything significant develops as the result of this search, another release will be provided.

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Putnam County Pond Search Tied to Haleigh Cummings
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