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 Child-Protection Resources for Childcare Providers

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Child-Protection Resources for Childcare Providers

While we don’t know the exact numbers of children who participate in childcare programs, every year it is possible millions of children are involved in diverse programs. They are at the program site for anywhere from a few hours when participating in before or after-school programs to days when participating in camping programs.

The purpose of Child-Protection Resources for Childcare Providers is to provide specific resources about preventing the victimization of children in these environments and identifying child victims who may be participating in these programs.

This resource list will assist the organizations hosting these programs in their recruitment, screening, training, and supervision of caregivers who interact with children. It will also provide reporting hotlines, information, and safer facility design ideas.

Such organizations may be an attractive setting for those who seek to victimize children. Thus it is imperative for organizations to keep this in mind when recruiting and supervising personnel. And it is also imperative for organizations to do everything in their power to make their programs for children the safe and happy experiences they are meant to be.

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Facilities Design
Personnel Screening
Additional Resources
Resource List for Special Needs Children
Child-Protection Resources for Childcare Providers

Tips to Help Keep Children Safer While in Care

These resources are provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) as a public service. Except for the information directly relating to NCMEC, NCMEC does not sponsor or endorse these resources, cannot guarantee the content of any online resource, and assumes no liability for the accuracy or use of this information.
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Child-Protection Resources for Childcare Providers
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