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 Exclusive: Haleigh Mom Mystery Donor Records

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Team HaLeigh
Team HaLeigh

PostSubject: Exclusive: Haleigh Mom Mystery Donor Records   Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:23 am

Exclusive: Haleigh Mom Mystery Donor Records

The Bald Truth has obtained exclusive copies of personal cashiers checks, deposit slips and correspondence from the Texas mystery donor named Barbara that reveal new details of the kind-hearted woman and her cash gifts to a grieving mother of a missing child for $12,000 in back child support Haleigh Cummings mother owed father Ronald.

According to her financial records, including cashiers checks she drew on her account at Chase, she initially only counted on paying off $4,000 of back child support, then agreed to put up three times that amount.

“When I began this process of contacting you to help resolve Crystal’s outstanding child support,” she writes Sheffield’s attorney, in e mails Barbara released exclusively Sunday to The Bald Truth, “it was my intent to help out a grieving mother that was doing everything in her power to find her child. That intent has not changed just because the dollar amount has increased.”

When told some had questioned the authenticity of the mystery donor, Barbara was outraged– and agreed to open the books on her donations, with the understanding her privacy would be protected. She says she wrote cashiers checks and mailed them to Kim Picazio for her trust account, then received confirmation the state had been paid in full.

The documents reveal the oil company analyst (who asked that her name and address be withheld to protect her from web crazies and cyberstalkers) volunteered to triple her donation when she was told Putnam County officials had grossly underestimated the arrears — that Sheffield really owed more than $12,000.

Shocked at first, Barbara says she “hopes there’s an accounting mistake,” according to one e mail obtained by The Bald Truth.

Haleigh Cummings vanished early Feb. 10, when her father’s live-in babysitter-girlfriend, 17 year old Misty Croslin (they married shortly after Haleigh went missing) called 911 to report the child had vanished from their trailer in Satsuma, Fla., while she slept, and Ronald was at work.

Police sources tell me she remains the “key” to solving the tragic disappearance, but is no longer speaking with investigators. Her husband, Ronald, agreed two months ago to set up a meeting with investigators to answer a few more questions, with his attorney, but sources close to the investigation tell me that no date has been set for that sitdown.

In other related news, Christina “Nay Nay” Prevatt, the 18 year old woman who described in an exclusive TV interview broadcast at artharris.com how she drove Misty Cummings on a three day party binge just days before she reported Haleigh missing, was arrested and charged with alleged cocaine possession and cyberstalking, spent one night in the Putnam County Jail, then bonded out Sunday. Sources say she drove off with the boyfriend of her older sister in a red Corvette, after AAA Bail Bonds got her out.

Nay Nay has been distraught, and struggling with drugs and alcohol, according to the father of her daughter, Donnie Spells, and showed up at his house this weekend upset he was seeing Amber Brooks, the ex girlfriend of Ronald Cummings and mother of their son, Jordan. According to Spells, he’s taken Nay Nay to rehab twice recently, but when she made a scene at his house, he had to call police. He told friends he didn’t want her to go to jail, just wanted her to get help, get straight for their daugher’s sake, and until then, stay away.

Brooks, who has also been in and out of jail, likes to taunt Nay Nay that she’s seeing her man, sending the young woman into jealous rages. Nay Nay’s exclusive interview appeared here months ago.

Against this peripheral backdrop of craziness and grief, Haleigh’s parents have been locked in a bitter custody wrangle, with mother Crystal Sheffield believed to be about $4,000 behind in child support in April…a figure that almost tripled when the Putnam County Clerk recalculated.

When she learned an unidentified woman claimed on an online radio show Sunday to have cancelled checks that showed the mystery donor was fiction, and the real donor was Picazio’s husband, Barbara was outraged someone would lie about her authenticity or our reporting, just because we agreed to protect her identity from proven prevaricators like the accusers.

In e mails we may publish in the future, she describes an overwhelmingly grateful mother who she recalls struggling with accepting the gifts at first. Crystal said she’d never before had anyone come to her rescue like this in her life, according to Barbara’s e mails, and expressed deep gratitude.
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Exclusive: Haleigh Mom Mystery Donor Records
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